Every night I spoke to the moon and was thankful that I had you. I guess you don’t understand how happy you made me feel.When you fall in love you don’t have your own world no more. When the other person decides to take it with them what is there for you to hold ?

I hope I die young maybe then I’ll be happy

I gave my world up for you now there is none of my own <3

I remember when she kissed me and whispered I love you. She never meant it .I guess it’s true the devils beautiful.

I stop smiling when you said you never loved me. it was like a bullet went through my heart & you pulled the trigger

maybe if I lose weight she will love me?
maybe if I smile even at the hardest times she will love me ?
maybe if I fix myself up she will love me ?
maybe if I shed more blood and tears she will love me ?
maybe just maybe she will love me



my dog just had surgery to get a nipple removed and when she came home after the surgery she immediately walked to the window and she has been staring out of the window for like half an hour now thinking about her new life with one less nipple



I think if a murderer wanted to lure me out of my room all they’d have to do is turn off my wifi cause sure as shit I’m gonna go see why it isn’t working